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Journal of Dairy Science and Biotechnology. Vol. 38, No. 4, 2020

Accurate and Rapid Methods for Detecting Salmonella spp. Using Polymerase Chain Reaction and Aptamer Assay from Dairy Products: A Review
J. Dairy Sci. Biotechnol. 2020;38(4):169-188.
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Milk Protein-Stabilized Emulsion Delivery System and Its Application to Foods
J. Dairy Sci. Biotechnol. 2020;38(4):189-196.
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Antibacterial Activity of Clove Oil against Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria and Sensory Attributes in Clove Oil-Enriched Dairy Products: A Preliminary Study
J. Dairy Sci. Biotechnol. 2020;38(4):197-206.
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Physiological Characteristics and Anti-Obesity Effect of Milk Fermented by Lactobacillus plantarum KI134
Lactobacillus plantarum KI134의 생리적 특성 및 이 균에 의한 우유 발효물의 항비만효과
J. Dairy Sci. Biotechnol. 2020;38(4):207-221.
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Quality Characteristics of Grilled Cheese Tofu Containing Natural Cheese and High Calcium
자연치즈가 함유된 칼슘강화 구워먹는 치즈두부 품질 특성
J. Dairy Sci. Biotechnol. 2020;38(4):222-229.
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Heat Treatments Used in the Dairy Industry
유제품에 이용되는 주요 열처리 조건
J. Dairy Sci. Biotechnol. 2020;38(4):230-236.
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Importance of Dairy and Food Analyses from an Analyst’s Point of View
유제품 및 식품 분석 업무의 중요성 (분석학자의 관점)
J. Dairy Sci. Biotechnol. 2020;38(4):237-239.
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